The new age electric scooter | bounce infinity E1 | adnortech

Story of Bounce Infinity E1 

The new age electric scooter | bounce infinity E1 | adnortech

The new age electric scooter, made in india. meet the founder who dared to make mobility fun and easy. Bounce infinity launched in may 2018, Bounce is the brainchild of Vivekananda Hallekere( CEO and Co-founder) along with Anil (COO and co-founder) and varun agni( CTO and co-founder).

They launched Bounce as India's first smart electric solution, with a mission of making daily commute quick , stress-free, reliable and convenient. in its ride- sharing avatar , Bounce tapped into the need for affordable and safe travel options for various daily commuters. right from covering long distance to providing last-mile support , we aim at addressing diverse mobility needs indigenously dockless scooters were first launched in bengaluru  and quikly became the desired mode of transport in the city.

Bouncing OFF the number 

  164,932,968 km

       2,417,120 rides

      2,812,015 rides 

      660 metrics tones  of co2 emission saved 

      5,365,929 sign ups 

What is a swap station ?

The new age electric scooter | bounce infinity E1 | adnortech

A pod-like automated unit that houses batteries and keeps them charged and ready for use. they can be either be attached to a store. or can be independently located . and are open 24 seven for any and every bounce rider. 

Advantages of Bounce infinity EI

1. No power to full power. with every swap. 

2.charge everywhere at any plug point like:- home, garden , e.t.c. 

3 variants the power to pick your shade.

4 Removable Battery and optional home charger .

5 swap drained battery for a fully charged battery .

6 Smart app(control bike and final nearest swap station  ).

7 85 km range (motor power 2.2km peak + 1.5km nominal ).

8. 5 exciting colours (with a choice of infinite skins).

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The new age electric scooter | bounce infinity E1 | adnortech

specification of bounce infinity specification

  length                           width                       height                          wheelbase

1800 mm                       780 mm                   1150 mm                       1265 mm

ground clearance             seat height                   wheel size(front)                      wheel size(rear)

 155 km                              780 mm                       12 inch 90/90                             12 inch 120/70

Bounce Infinity E1 scooter State-vise pricing .

City                                     Price

Delhi                                 68,999

Gujrat                               59, 999

Maharashtra                      69,999

Rajasthan                          72,999

Karnataka                          68,999

All other states                  79,999   

5 reason to buy electric scooters vs petrol scooters 

The new age electric scooter | bounce infinity E1 | adnortech

when we talk about mobility in India, two -wheeler have always dominated our roads. Due to rising fuel price and increasing environment impact , petrol scooters have come under the scanner for all the wrong reason, and it has paved way for e-scooters to became a conscious choice and a viable  substitute in the two- wheeler segment. This is encouraging a next - gen level disruption in the market with many players launching innovating electric two-wheeler (E2Ws) for Indian consumers and acceleration

 E-mobility  revolution in india. 

1. upfront cost:- price of purchase is a major concern that tends to deter consumers when choosing e-scooters , however they often's  can't see the escalating cost of petrol scooters over the tenure of ownership and hence get confused. at bounce , we have launched the infinity E1 as a one-of-a-kind e-scooter that comes with a removable battery. 

2. maintenance  and operating cost 

petrol scooters need frequently servicing and maintenance because of the wear and tear of the mechanical parts. also with recent skyrocketing fuel prices, their running cost has substantially increased . 

3. Convenience :-

Petrol scooters only offer an illusion of convenience to customers as they may think fueling takes only a few minutes and fuel station are abvailable  everywhere. whereas, petrol scooters deliver a range of 50-60 kms on average with only select models that can go up to 100 kms per liter. 

The new age electric scooter | bounce infinity E1 | adnortech

4 technology and features :-

when it comes to technology, electric scooters win hands down as there is no tech integration in petrol scooters. Bounce Infinity E1 comes with a smart companion bounce app. 

5. Environment :- In India, the two wheeler segment is responsible for  over 20% of total co2 emission in urban areas and as our cities grow this is bound to increase . On other hand , E-scooters have minimal environment impact as there are no direct emission from riding these scooters . Switching to  e-Scooters will definitely improve the air quality in our cities.    


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1. how can i contact customer support ?

    you can reach us via the customer support on the website.

2. when will the booking start ?

    the deliver for the scooters will start in match 2022.

3. when will the booking start?

     you can pre-book your scooter now on our website . the booking dates will be announced soon ,             please watch our spaces for more updates.

4. can i cancel my booking?

    yes, you can cancel your booking at any point in time before you make the full and final payment          for the scooter .

5 what are the banks you have tied up with for financial ?

   we have the right partners to support you . you can see a full list of banking and insurance partners       on the website .

6. Do I have to apply for  a loan or at a bank branch ?

    We have a phygital (physical + digital ) model . you can apply for a loan online as well as at our       
    dealership stores,physically. 

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