Angus Barbieri is a man who did not eat for 382 days to known for one of the most extreme cases of weight loss through starvation that actually succeeded (even if not recommended). Angus weighed 207 kilograms (about 456 pounds) in 1965, causing several medical issues. At the young age of 27, Angus had already had clear signs of health problems Which could have ended his life as expected. This is why Angus Barbieri a man who did not eat for 382 days and took the drastic decision to lose weight - by not eating for over a year. He had a rule: take a medicine that would check him daily to ensure that starvation would not affect his health or well-being. Angus  DID NOT EAT FOR 382 DAYS.

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A one-man Angus Barbieri did not eat 382 days and the initial plan was to stay hungry for 40 days straight. Angus found it easier than he thought. Due to his large size and the health risks caused by him, he was fed up with food and food in general. After 40 days of starvation, the medics examined how Angus' body responded to the starvation process. That's why the world's first man Angus Barbieri did not eat 382 days it is a very long time.

Shockingly, Angus' body was responding very well - so well that he decided to keep going for as long as possible, or - better said - as long as his body could handle the starvation because Angus Barbieri did not eat 382 days.

The only things Angus consumed were water, coffee, tea, and soda. His medics also prescribed high-dose vitamin supplements. These vitamins were important to keep her organs functioning in the absence of food. Later, medics included a high dose of yeast to keep their digestive system healthy. How Angus Barbieri a man who did not eat for 382 days why?. 
On day 92, medics prescribed potassium pills as their potassium levels were decreasing. Usually, we get potassium from salt, but as Angus ate no food, there was no salt, and therefore no potassium. Potassium is so important that Angus was asked to eat a high amount of salt for a short time after starvation was over.
Angus's low levels of glucose worried his mood, even though it was a normal response to starvation. But overall, the medics were simply amazed at how well the process was going. Generally, during starvation, the body has to face many problems and organs begin to fail.



After 382 days with no food, Angus Barbieri did not eat 382 days and lose weight 125 kg, reaching a healthy weight of 82 kg, close to her target weight. According to Angus, he never felt better in his life. Angus Barbieri died on 7 September 1990. Many feel that his death was natural, but some died of health problems. Even more amazingly, Angus maintained this weight - more or less - for the rest of his life, even though he was only 51 years old. At the time of his death, he had gained only 7 kg.
In 1971, Angus's weight lost due to starvation and this is the first man and he did not eat for 382 days and became a world record. While such a diet may have health implications, the Guinness Book of Records closed this record in 2016.
Angus Barbieri died on 7 September 1990. Many feel that his death was natural, but some died of health problems.

That is not a typo. In 1965, 27-year-old Angus actually fasted for a year and 17 days. He did not eat any food and lost 125 kg (19.7 stones).

Angus suffered from being obese, and at the Royal Infirmary of Dundee at the University of Medicine, weighed 207 kg (32.5 stones). She told the hospital staff that she was ready to cut food together, so the doctors happily agreed to monitor her progress.

The doctors at Angus were not really expected to last as fast. But he thought that a short fast would help him lose some weight. To compensate for nutrient deficiencies, they were prescribed to take multivitamins regularly, including potassium and sodium, as well as yeast.

As the days changed to weeks, A MAN  WHO DID NOT EAT FOR 382 DAYS persistence grew. Scott wanted to reach his ideal "ideal weight" of 180 pounds (12.8 stone), so he was going to surprise his doctors.

Angus was often involved in hospital visits and often stayed overnight. He regularly received blood tests, all of which revealed that his body was functioning well.

As the week turned into months, she made up for her food shortage by drinking more black tea, black coffee, and sparkling water, all of which are calorie-free.

His body began to adapt to the lack of food by burning his own fat reserves for energy.

For the past eight months, Angus' blood sugar levels were consistently very low, around 2 mmol / L, but Scott had no adverse effects as a result.

In the last few months, he started adding a pinch of sugar or milk to his tea and coffee.

For those thinking, he went to the 'toilet' every 40-50 days.

Angus eventually called it quits after 382 days, eventually reaching 180 pounds for his dream.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, he had forgotten the taste of food before his first meal after fasting. He ate a boiled egg with a slice of bread and butter for his first breakfast, telling reporters: "I Thoroli [sic] enjoyed my eggs and I feel great."
Five years later, Angus was at a comfortable weight, weighing 196 pounds.

Angus Barbieri was a fatty man but he controls himself and he did not eat 382 days

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